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Thank you for visiting Freedom Munitions! Freedom Munitions is proud to offer high quality new and remanufactured ammunition utilizing the highest grade components available.  At Freedom Munitions, there are 3 rules we live by: the highest-grade quality, competitive pricing (with Freedom Munitions Promo Code) & good customer service. With these 3 qualities in place, we will stand out from other competitors and be your best choice.

Trustworthy Ammunition

All of our ammunition is manufactured in-house at our factory in Idaho and we have a team of experienced customer service representatives ready to assist you. Our Freedom Munitions Promo Code is to ensure that this Trustworthy Ammunition is available at prices that won’t break your budget. All of our Freedom Munitions ammo (except .50 BMG) is loaded on the Ammo Load Mark X (pistol) and Mark L (rifle) loading systems. Freedom Munitions uses only premium components from manufacturers such as CCI/Speer, Federal Cartridge, Lake City Arsenal, X-Treme Bullets, Nosler Bullets, Hornady, St. Marks Powder, etc. Our experienced machine operators perform a variety of quality checks during the loading process guaranteeing consistent performance round after round. Our inspection and packaging team visually checks every round, new or remanufactured, prior to packaging so our customers receive high quality and great value with every order.

NOTE: On June 8, 2018, X-Treme Bullets, Inc., Ammo Load Worldwide, Inc., Clearwater Bullet, Inc., Freedom Munitions, LLC, Howell Machine, Inc., Howell Munitions & Technology, Inc., Lewis-Clark Ammunition Components, LLC and Components Exchange, LLC (collectively, “HMT”) filed bankruptcy in the United States Bankruptcy Court in Reno Nevada (Case No. 18-50609) (the “Bankruptcy”).  On October 22, 2019, Kash CA, Inc. (“Kash CA”) purchased the assets, including the trade names, website and Internet domain names, of HMT out of the Bankruptcy, without any liability relating to any claims concerning any HMT products previously sold by HMT.  Kash CA does not own or operate any of the HMT entities.  Kash CA operates this website through use of the Internet domain name and associated “Freedom Munitions” trade name solely for branding purposes.  Any claims concerning ammunition or other products purchased prior to October 22, 2019 from any of the HMT entities are not the responsibility of Kash CA or covered by Kash CA under the posted warranty and/or returns policies, but are subject to the bankruptcy filed in the United States Bankruptcy Court in Reno Nevada (Case No. 18-50609).

Quality Warranty

It is an issue of life and death! Of course, quality means everything to our customers. So is it to Freedom Munitions! We build our brand on the products we provide. Quality is the priority of our priorities! We work closely with the big names in the industry and directly with the manufacturers! Every item we sell is authorized by the manufacturer, unlike many other sites you’ll find on the web. What does this mean for you? It means that anything you buy from us is backed up by whatever warranty the manufacturer offers on the item. And you would receive the best prices from manufacturer’s to you with our Freedom Munitions Coupon Code! Our goal is to offer the customer the best quality ammunition at the lowest possible price. All Freedom Munitions ammunition is warranted against material and workmanship defects. If the ammunition is found to be defective due to material or workmanship, Freedom Munitions will replace the defective ammunition at no charge to the customer.

All ammunition warranty claims are handled on a case-by-case basis.  All ammunition warranty claims must have a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number assigned before acceptance at our facility. Please DO NOT send ammunition without obtaining a RMA number from our Customer Service staff.  In order to initiate a claim, please contact our Customer Service Team at 208-746-3668. Return Policy:

While our Freedom Munitions Promo Code July 2020 is to give you a delightful shopping experience, our 100% satisfaction guarantee and return & refund policy are to give your delightful and worry-free after-sale service. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please reach out to our customer service members! We are always here for you.

But please note that all returns must have a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number assigned before acceptance at our facility for further examination. Please DO NOT send merchandise without obtaining a RMA number from our Customer Service staff.

Ammunition is required to be shipped in a certain manner by the US Department Of Transportation (DOT). Bulk ammo that is not in original factory packaging, or loose ammunition in an ammo can, is NOT an acceptable form of transport per DOT regulations and our carrier, UPS. UPS will not permit ammo to be shipped to any state or territory to which we cannot send merchandise by UPS ground service. Due to the hazardous nature of these items, they cannot be returned.

All Ammunition, Bullet, Primer, Case, and Reloading Kit sales are final.

Non-Ammunition Returns within 90 days of purchase are accepted in original new condition, in original packaging and with all accompanying paperwork for refund or store credit, less 35% restocking fees. Buyer is responsible for return shipping charges.  In order to initiate a return, please contact our Customer Service Team at 208-746-3668.

Returns after 90 days are not accepted.

Ammunition that arrives at our warehouse without original factory packaging, complete with LOT #, and RMA# will not be accepted.

NOTE: Improper storage and handling of ammunition may result in damage to the product. The appearance of exposure, corrosion or any other evidence of damage that occurred after the product was sold will void any warranties.

NOTE: Prices and/or specifications are subject to change without notice. Please email with questions.

Customer Reviews

We value each and every single one of our customers! We take quality very seriously. We serve every visitor to our store earnest and serious! And our efforts has paid off! We have received thanks notes, even “love” letters from our customers! Below are some reviews from our customers with their testimonies about our products.

“I have purchased about 10,000 rounds of 9mm in various weights and bullet configurations and all re-manufactured and I am still very impressed with the performance of this ammo. I have fired about 7500 rounds through my XD9 and had no feed problems and only one miss fire. For the price your ammo can’t be beat, especially after I enter Freedom Munitions Coupon Code at the checkout. I can’t tell the difference between your reman and new store bought 9mm. Your reman is cleaner burning than most new ammo I have used. I have been telling everyone that will listen about your ammo. My son has been buying from Freedom too and loves your ammo. We are reloading now and buy all our bullets from Extreme Bullets. Our reloads are not as dependable as your reloads so I still use your ammo for competition shooting. You keep making great ammo at a great price, delivering to my door and I will be a life time customer. Thank you.”–Mike M.

“Just a note to thank you for your great ammo, service, staff and the amazing Freedom Munitions Promo Code. I have shot 1000s of rounds of your ammo over the last 3 years and it has been 100% flawless in all calibers (9mm- 40cal-380-and 45 acp) !!”—Butch

“All I can say is “Oh my!” I placed an order just before lunch, and have already received a message that my order has shipped. This is absolutely the fastest shipping turnaround I have seen, especially in this crazy ammo/gun market we are experiencing. And your Freedom Munitions Discount Code is just amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will definitely be shopping with you again, and have considered the brass program. Great job. Thank you!”– Anthony F.

“I received my shipment of 500 40.S&W last week and finally got to try them at the range. My son and I shot 250 rounds without a hitch. Excellent ammo. Shot clean and very accurate. Will be ordering a new load very soon and will also be getting my 9mm here. Thanks for the great product.”– Brian G.

“I would like to take a minute and thank your team. The wife ordered bullets thinking she was ordering me ammo. The mistake was caught, and I got to deal with Misty. What a great employee!! We talked about the issue, she said she would take care of it. Then she called later to let me know things were in motion and problem would be solved. I work with the public and Law Enforcement Officers every day. I understand customer service. Your team is a perfect example of how it should work. Misty was professional, helpful, and even funny with me on the phone. Can’t say enough good things about her. If she worked in our Property Room, things would be even better. Again, I would like to say thank you to your team. A mistake by my wife will not ruin the holidays.”–Duke K.

“Someone told me about Freedom Munitions a few weeks ago so I thought I’d check out the website. I was pleasantly surprised to find their ammo prices lower than the local ammo sellers, even after shipping costs. And they are still offering Freedom Munitions Coupon Code to bring down the prices even further! They are also very fast at processing orders and getting shipments out the door. Further, they offer decent discounts for veterans, military and law enforcement personnel if you qualify. So far, I’ve purchased 1500 rounds of remanufactured 9mm from them and intend to purchase more in the future. Their remanufactured rounds appear new, much like the Winchester White Box sold by Wal-Mart and others; further, I’ve had no mis-fires, duds or low-performing rounds. They have definitely gained my confidence and can count on me as a new and returning customer!”– Rodney V., Albuquerque, NM

“A+ Great training ammo, no issues and a good price with Freedom Munitions Discount Code. I’ll be ordering more from here.”–G. Wesley, Racine, WI

“CAN’T BEAT THE PRICE! Ordered 500 rounds with Freedom Munitions Promo Code to try them out. They look great and shoot great. I have got the service of Freedom Munitions Free Shipping to door step. Will be placing an order for some 9mm and 45.”– Mark, Redlands, CA

Thank you for shopping with Freedom Munitions! Stay safe out there!