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Latched Mama, your one-stop shop for nursing tops, dresses, pajamas & more! Latched Mama offers nursing clothing for breastfeeding moms (nursing moms)! We focus on affordable everyday styles of nursing tops and dresses to help make nursing easier. Latched Mama, founded in 2014 by Melissa Wirt, has been dedicated to providing lines of plus-sized (plus size nursing tops), breastfeeding-friendly clothes (nursing friendly dresses, breastfeeding dresses) for new moms. The most important part of the Latched Mama’s mission has been the service of our customers. Come claim the Latched Mama Coupon and discover how our award-winning service and products set us apart. Our product lines include t-shirts, dresses, work-appropriate tops, and a lightweight hoodie. “After a year of being in business, we discovered there was a need,” Wirt said. “It will enable us to support more moms on their breast feeding journey.” Wirt, a former Ryan Homes sales and marketing rep, started Latched Mama by selling t-shirts and dresses out of the back of a minivan. She had the idea for the company after having her second child. “I was kind of inspired by the whole support other moms thing,” she said. “Breastfeeding is a natural thing but it can be difficult and hard sometimes. There’s not a lot of support.” Wirt, 34, said there are not a lot of options for clothes that make it easier to breastfeed, a problem she faced herself. “Nobody was making clothes to wear every day,” Wirt said. “The things that are out there are really expensive.” Wirt designs all of the Launched Mama’s garments and has them manufactured overseas. Latched Mama’s products are currently sold mostly online at Latched Mama’s website and Amazon. And customers could enjoy the great discounts and special offers with Latched Mama Coupon! Wirt said orders have come in from all over the U.S. and as far abroad as Australia and Europe. She says the company has turned a profit. Wirt runs the business out of a 2,000-square-foot office and warehouse in the Brandermill Business Park near her house in Midlothian. She said the plan for Latched Mama is to continue to grow in a manageable way. “I like being self-funded,” she said. “Our goal is 100 percent growth.” We would keep growing and keep serving! We pride ourselves on our personal, friendly and helpful customer service, our dedicated team, and most importantly, the quality of our products. As a sincere thank you for being a loyal guest, we are now offering Latched Mama Coupon for your orders! We hope you have an extraordinary shopping experience as always!

A letter from Founder of Latched Mama

Hi! I’m Melissa and I launched Latched Mama in the late summer of 2014 with the goal of supporting new moms and normalizing affordable nursing wear with Latched Mama Promo Code.

I had my first son in April of 2012, quickly followed by my second in December of 2013. With two little ones so close together, I found myself dreaming of a “no thought” breastfeeding-friendly wardrobe. I wanted clothing that I could easily be a “mom” in and that allowed me to feed the littlest one with mom milk while chasing an active toddler.

Latched Mama was born on a park bench at the playground. I distinctly remember unzipping my sweatshirt and being incredibly cold while Alex ate. I remember making sure that the cold, hard zipper wasn’t pushing against his cheek and suddenly thinking that there had to be a better way. I researched what was available in the market and was turned away by the pricing. So I set off to create styles that were functional, comfortable and affordable.

We launched Latched Mama in the fall of 2014 and haven’t looked back! Five years (and a fifth child) later, I could never have dreamed of what Latched Mama has become. Every happy email and Facebook comment fills me with such joy and motivation as we keep moving towards our goal of supporting every new breastfeeding and pumping mom. Our team consists of certified lactation consultants, birth and postpartum doulas filled with knowledge and lots of love. We are growing beyond just a nursing clothing line, and through our Facebook page and blog, I believe we are truly accomplishing our mission of offering support and encouragement to new moms.

We have our own warehouse and fulfillment center, fabulous employees, and many warehouse babies to remind us why we’re all doing this; we have pushed a bunch of Latched Mama Coupons to give back to our loyal customers…to continue to grow and cultivate nourishing relationships with our babies! Our clothes are now all over the world and we pride ourselves on great customer service, fast shipping, competitive pricing with Latched Mama Promo Code and staying small and nimble enough to react to the feedback we receive. But most of all, we are truly thankful to all of you for being on this journey with us and letting us into your lives to support you!



Looking for Support? We got you, Mama!

When shopping with Latched Mama, we want you to feel the love and supports of our dedicated team. That’s why we push and update regularly Latched Mama Discount Code to give you the best offers and biggest discounts on the premium products. Let us and our high-grade products accompany along this mix-feeling transformation journey!

At Latched Mama, our team is made up of a group of moms, doulas (professionally trained childbirth and postpartum educators that empower and support mothers who are pregnant, in labor, or have recently given birth), and certified lactation counselors (CLCs, or better yet – infant feeding specialists!) that are able to help with any question you may have about birthing, babies, or boobs! To say the least…it is our passion to connect with and empower all mamas!
We know you better than anyone else! Bringing a new baby into the world is amazing, filled with lots of snuggles and so much love! Whether you’re a 1st or 5th-time mama, we know it can also be so hard navigating this new change in your life…it is exhausting, frustrating at times, and even isolating. We’ve been there and can definitely relate!

Let us share your burn! No matter where you live, it takes a village to raise a child and we’re here to catch you when you feel like you’re falling. It’s our job as a community to build each other up and help you grow into the strong, confident mama you are!!

Are you pregnant and want to learn about the benefits of breastfeeding and where to go for more information? Struggling with latch, milk production, wonder how many times you should be feeding your baby a day, or have other questions about breastfeeding? Postpartum and curious about anything and everything surrounding new motherhood? Feeling overwhelmed, tired, touched out, or just want to talk to someone who gets it? Having difficulties in choosing the products for both you and your baby? We’re here for you!

Please, reach out to us so that we can support you. And while shopping with us, checking out Latched Mama Promo Code section and make sure you get the best offers we have prepared for you!

We chat about all things pregnancy, birth, doulas, and navigating through all the questions you have about bringing your baby into the world (we currently don’t have an agenda, so bring your questions!)

We meet up to get to know other mamas who are postpartum and chat! This is an opportunity to ask questions about breastfeeding, sleep, get tips and advice or just come to hang out and make new friends. We can’t wait to meet you!

You’ve got this and are doing an amazing job, Mama!

And to better shop with us and enjoy the latest special offers, please make sure that you check out our Latched Mama Coupon section before you jump to the payment. It’s as easy as a pie. Copy the Latched Mama Coupon Code that’s most suitable and give you the most benefits in your order and paste the Latched Mama Discount Code on the promo code box at the checkout. All Latched Mama Coupons are effective at a certain time and updated irregularly (may expire). So seize the chance before it slips away!

Most beautiful letters we have received

“I absolutely love this sweatshirt, it makes nursing my daughter so much easier in public. The material is light and comfortable. The price is awesome and I even got a great discount after using Latched Mama Discount Code. What an amazing shopping!” ——–Lily

“I love the style, and the fabric used is awesome. Breezy, and comfortable. I’d love to order more products from them, (and plan on different styles). I love the great discounts with Latched Mama Coupon. I love the service member who helped me a lot in this purchase process. I would definitely come shopping again!”

“I wish I could afford to buy one in every color. This sweatshirt has become my most useful, comfortable, and easy nursing top and it’s super casual and cute too. This sweatshirt is a must-have for a nursing mama. And at the checkout, after entering Latched Mama Discount Code, I got the great discounts. One of the most cost-effective purchase I would say!”

“Latched Mama nursing clothes are made with a cotton/spandex mix so it fits comfortably and feels as soft as your nursling’s breastmilk-nourished skin. The items have easy access secret passages to your nipple for quick latching. This is most useful when babywearing so you’re not digging around for the bottom of your shirt or trying to pull your shirt down with your hand in between yourself and baby. These tops provide you with maximum coverage if discretion is your thing. I just love them. 5-star rating for the quality and the service!”


Thank you for checking out Latched Mama. It is time to get your mama clothing! May you all have an extraordinary shopping experience!